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Nanxun District launched "industrial cloud" e-commerce platform

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  On January 4, Chuzhou Enyuan Technology Co., Ltd. signed five strategic cooperation agreements with Huaxia Zhongyi, Meiye Machinery and Zhiquan Science Technology Co., Ltd. on the implementation of online sales strategy. It is expected that "Nanxun Industrial Cloud" e-commerce platform will be available at the end of January On-line operation.

  Since the second half of last year, the District Business Bureau has repeatedly interfaced with Chuzhou Enyuan Technology Co., Ltd. to promote the company to effectively utilize the platform resources of "Nanxun Electronic Commerce and Public Service Center" to carry out online sales of manufacturing products. Envirotech, in cooperation with Huawei, is responsible for the software and hardware construction respectively. It plans to invest more than 20 million yuan in real time and establish "Nanxun Industrial Cloud" e-commerce platform. It is expected to sign a cooperation agreement with 286 enterprises to be sorted out in mid-January. It is reported that the platform after the official operation, the annual online transaction volume will exceed 200 million yuan.

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