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The beauty of the United States "harmony five"

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  In today's society, the relationship between people becomes rigid. People think about the problem on their own, but do not want to work harder on respect with others. People do not understand the beauty of language, do not know how to treat others with a smile. In order to let all the people in the United States to be honest, polite people, the company implemented a peaceful five. Respectively is:
  Good to meet each other: When meeting people, you should take the initiative to say hello to each other; is not there a word? Reached thousands of miles to meet, missed the opposite do not meet, even we all come together to the US industry group, meet a good question should not be difficult to find it. Maybe this morning, you met a person, took the initiative to ask him good, so at work, you just have something to find him, want him to help you finish, he saw you, thought, this person I know Oh, pretty Enthusiastic, I say hello to me this morning. At this time your job is not easier to complete. So, free time and others a few words, greeting twice, always good.
  Apology: When someone else has a bad influence, do not forget to say to him (her): "I'm sorry" in order to get others to forgive; in fact, in daily life, we often accidentally affect others. For example, when we line up to eat, we accidentally step on others. If you say in time, I'm sorry, maybe nothing. But if you do not say that day, if people are in a good mood, they may only think of them in their hearts No manners, if just hit a big man in a bad mood, may cause something to fight. So, we must learn to apologize. In the apology etiquette, one thing everyone should pay attention to is to apologize must be timely, do not say wait a month or two after things you just told people that at that time, the apology has lost its meaning.
  Thanks to help: When they are in difficulty, be helped, we must sincerely thank; when it comes to thank you, we have to distinguish between the view, to help us are usually three people, one stranger, and second, not very familiar with the people , Three are very familiar people, when the first two categories of people to help you, regardless of the size of things, you must sincerely thank people in a timely manner, here must pay attention to, thank you must be timely, do not wait until things have For a month you said thank you to people, then there is no point. As for the help of people you are familiar with, you have to look at the character of those who are busy with you. If you are a person who pays more attention to formalities and etiquette, you must say thank you to him in time. For those who are not You do not have to be superficial to say thank you, but you also have to show gratitude or express your gratitude for your gratitude so that people who help you feel that you are worth the help, The next time you ask for help it will be smoother.
  Success and congratulation: When others succeed, we must sincerely for their pleasure, in good faith to offer "for you and proud" and other words;
  Say goodbye to goodbye: When you leave or walk away from hometown, please say goodbye to friends, friends and colleagues.

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